Family Dentistry: Making Oral Health Fun for the Whole Family

Going to the dentist is often a dreaded experience for children and adults alike. But as parents, we are responsible for ensuring our children have good oral health. Fortunately, parents are not alone in ensuring good oral health for their children. At Riverbend Family Dental, we provide family dentistry for our families in the Meridian, Idaho, area looking for convenience and help to prevent oral health issues in their children and themselves. Family dentistry is an excellent way to prevent oral health problems from occurring in your children through the means of preventive care as well as taking care of your oral health as well. Our excellent dentists, Dr. Nathan Eames and Dr. Christian Bennion, are here to provide high-quality and anxiety-free care for your whole family as they are educated in treating patients of all ages. 

How Family Dentistry Benefits Your Whole Family

1. Early Detection

One of the significant advantages of family dentistry is the early detection of any dental issues. Regular dental check-ups help detect dental problems in their early stages, which makes them more accessible and less expensive to treat. Family dentists also track your family’s dental history, making it easier for them to detect any genetic predispositions to dental conditions.

2. Convenience

With family dentistry, your entire family can be treated under one roof, making dental care more convenient for you. You no longer have to make multiple appointments or drive to different dental clinics for your family’s dental needs. Family dentists provide comprehensive oral health care services, from regular dental cleanings and fillings to more complex procedures such as root canals and orthodontic treatments.

3. Education

Family dentists are experts in helping children understand the importance of good oral health. They use various tools and techniques to make dental care an engaging and exciting experience for kids. They educate young children and parents on the correct way to brush their teeth, the importance of flossing, and the foods to avoid or eat to keep their teeth healthy.

4. Dental Anxiety

Many people suffer from dental anxiety, and children are no exception. Dental anxiety can make a simple dental check-up feel like a daunting task. Family dentists are experts in making the dental experience a calm and comfortable one for all, offering gentle and non-judgmental treatments.

Tips for Helping Your Children

The earlier you start with good oral health habits for your child, the better. Here are some tips to make dental care an enjoyable experience for your child:

  • Start Early: Start bringing your child to our office in Meridian, Idaho, at an early age to make the dental experience a regular part of their routine.
  • Use Simple Language: Anxiety is a normal part of dentistry, so we encourage parents to explain what Dr. Nathan Eames or Dr. Christian Bennion does in simple terms. Avoid using language that may scare them or make them feel anxious. Our fantastic dentists will also ensure the use of simple language when treating your child during their dental visit. 
  • Be a Role Model: Children watch everything we as adults do – it’s how they learn. We strongly encourage parents to brush and floss their teeth with their children to show them the importance of good oral hygiene.
  • Offer Rewards: Just like when working to potty train your little one, rewarding your child for brushing and flossing daily and behaving during their dental visits helps to create a positive incentive system to make the overall experience more enjoyable.

Family Dentistry in Meridian, ID

From early detection to convenience, family dentistry has many benefits. Working with our family dentists, Dr. Eames and Dr. Bennion, will ensure you and your family have healthy, bright smiles and make the dental experience positive. With bi-annual check-ups and proper at-home oral hygiene care, you and your family are on their way to ensuring your smiles stay healthy for years. We also provide restorative and cosmetic dental procedures when your smiles need restoration or change. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Eames or Dr. Bennion and start your family’s dental journey today!