Preventative Dentistry

Maintaining optimal oral health is not just about the occasional visit to the dentist when you have a toothache. It’s a holistic, ongoing commitment and preventative dentistry in Meridian, Idaho, the best means to care for your smile. At Riverbend Family Dental, our dentists, Dr. Nathan Eames and Dr. Christian Bennion, strongly believe in ensuring the oral health of each of their patients. With the exceptional help of preventative dentistry, you can take care of your smile and ensure the health and beauty of your teeth and gums for years. 


What is Preventative Dentistry?

Preventative dentistry is the branch of dental care that utilizes measures, techniques, and treatments to maintain healthy teeth and gums and to prevent the onset, progress, and recurrence of dental conditions. Its fundamental philosophy is to intercept potential issues before they become problems, thus sparing patients from discomfort, extensive dental interventions, and significant costs.

Preventative measures can be as simple as regular brushing and flossing to more complex treatments like fluoride applications and sealants. These preemptive steps can save you from the pain of cavities, gum disease, and other dental problems. Still, they also play a significant role in averting related health issues such as heart disease and diabetes.

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Who Needs Preventative Dental Care?

The short answer is everyone. From the youngest to the oldest, every patient stands to gain from the protective umbrella of preventative dental care. By customizing treatments to individuals’ needs and age groups, dental professionals help establish lifelong habits that promote wellness.

  • Early Start for Kids: Kids dental care is a specialized branch of preventative dentistry that ensures children start their dental journeys on the right track. 
  • The Vital Years of Adolescence and Beyond: Adolescence is a critical time in dental health, as habits established during these formative years often persist into adulthood. Regular visits to our office can prevent common issues such as cavities and misalignments, ensuring a straight, healthy smile for years to come.


Preventative Services at Riverbend Family Dental

Preventative dentistry incorporates several services designed to fortify oral health and detect problems in infancy. These services are varied and adaptable, ensuring that care aligns with each patient’s specific requirements.


Routine Exams and Cleanings

At the crux of preventative dentistry are the familiar biannual checkups and cleanings. These sessions allow dentists to detect issues early while professional cleaning removes plaque and tartar that can cause disease if left unchecked. Another excellent form of preventative care we offer is oral cancer screenings


Diagnostic Imaging

X-rays are key in preventative care, providing a comprehensive view of your dental structure. This technology can reveal issues that may not be apparent during a regular examination, such as impacted teeth or the initial stages of decay.


Fluoride Treatments and Sealants

Fluoride is a potent tool in the fight against cavities, particularly for those at higher risk. Similarly, dental sealants offer a protective shield for molars, preventing bacteria from settling into the fissures, where they can cause damage.


The Benefits of Preventative Dental Care

The advantages of maintaining a consistent preventative dental care routine are manifold. They range from simple aesthetics to complex health implications that extend far beyond your mouth.

  1. A Lifetime of Confident Smiles: By addressing issues in their nascence, you can avoid unsightly damage to your teeth. Preventative dentistry ensures that your smile remains one of your most engaging features, boosting your self-esteem and leaving a lasting positive impression.
  2. Cost-Effective Care Strategy: Dental treatments can be costly, especially when issues are allowed to worsen. Preventative dental care is a wise financial investment, as it can reduce the need for extensive, high-priced procedures down the line.
  3. Safeguarding Overall Health: The health of your mouth can be a direct reflection of your overall health. Conditions like periodontal disease have been linked to systemic issues such as heart disease and diabetes. By keeping your mouth healthy, you’re also taking care of your body.
  4. A Comfier Dental Experience: Proactive care often means less intrusive treatments. Patients with less need for fillings or extractions can avoid the discomfort and anxiety associated with more significant dental procedures.
  5. Enriching Your Health and Life: Your oral health is vital to your overall well-being. By championing the principles of preventative dentistry, you’re making a tangible investment in your health and future. Riverbend Family Dental empowers patients with proactive strategies and state-of-the-art treatments for sustained dental health.


Preventative Dentistry in Meridian, ID

Preventative dentistry isn’t just about flossing more; it’s about changing how we think about our dental care. Adopting routine habits and seeking professional care can shield our smiles from many common issues. Start your preventative dental care at Riverbend Family Dental today and enjoy a lifetime of healthy, beautiful smiles. 

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